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This is our master list of school and office supplies to help you reduce your waste. Let us know if you think something should be added!

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Aya Paper Co.

These tree-free pencils are made from newspapers, tightly rolled around high-quality number 2 graphite lead. Once sharpened, these pencils reveal a beautiful marble-like pattern.

Aya Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Eco Highlighter Pencils

Stubby Pencil Studio

These biodegradable highlighter pencils are made from responsibly sourced wood. These dry highlighters will last a very long time since they don’t leak or dry out.

Stubby Pencil Eco Highlighter Pencils

Recycled Crayons

Crazy Crayons

This company recycles old crayons into new crayons which helps eliminate more than 120,000 pounds of landfill.

Crazy Crayons Recycled Crayons

Natural Grass Pen

A Good Company

These pens are made from natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics. Keep the barrel for years and replace the ink inside.

A Good Company Natural Grass Pen

Recycled Notebooks


These decomposition notebooks are made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Paper and are printed with soy ink. They come in a variety of styles and colors.

Decomposition Recycled Notebooks

Compostable Phone Case, AirPod Case, and Apple Watch Band


Pela is creating a waste free future by selling plastic free, compostable tech accessories! By choosing to purchase their products, you’re helping them keep 1 billion pounds of plastic from ever being made. 

Pela Compostable Phone Case, Air Pod Case, and Apple Watch Band

Plant Based Clear Liquid Glue

Onyx + Green

This non-toxic, plant-based glue has a strong hold which makes it perfect for any craft project.

Onyx + Green Plant Based Clear Liquid

MONO Sand and Rubber Eraser


The MONO Sand and Rubber eraser is a dual sided eraser made from a mixture of natural silica sand and natural rubber which can be used to erase pencil as well as ink markings.

Tombow MONO Sand and Rubber Eraser



Never buy staples again! The easy to use paper clinch uses a unique folding technique to bind papers together. You no longer need to worry about removing staples before shredding, recycling, or composting.

Plus Paper Clinch

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