I was born in DR Congo with my twin sister. We were left to die in the street until a kind-hearted woman brought us to the religious nuns orphanage. We were adopted by Ms. Gerarda Heynen, a lady who came to Congo to work as a missionary. Unfortunately after we were adopted, my twin sister died when we fell seriously sick.

My mom adopted 6 kids, but many other kids would come to our house to be assisted either for school issues or health problems. I grew up in a very warm house that welcomed lots of kids who are all in the world somewhere. Among all of them, I’m the one that vowed since my childhood to do and continue all that mum did in her lifetime. She loved and sacrificed herself totally to us black and poor kids. She vowed to see us growing and gave us love and a future too.

Today, I have seven kids myself, and I will not have peace until I can continue mum’s work. So many kids around the world and in my home country need love, care, and schooling. They need to have a normal life at least, and I’m ready to do it for those God will allow me to do it for.

This was my loving mum, with Dalia [my daughter] when she was a baby. Mum died in October 2010.

Mum inspired me a lot really, a lot because she was loving, caring, but also very hard working. She taught me a lot in life. Today I bake and make bread, soaps, and ladies bags.

This below is when I visited an orphanage in Kenya in 2018. The name of the girl I am holding is Pendo. “Pendo” means love in Swahili. At the time she was 2 years old, but didn’t speak or hear. She had already gotten 2 head surgeries.

I wish to start an orphanage in my mum’s name to keep her love in our minds and hearts forever.

I ask you all kind-hearted people to please assist me; to help me achieve this big task God has given to me. I’m a mother of 7, but I want to give my life for these kids who need my love.

– Lieve Heynen



The profits made from this collection will go towards Lieve’s orphanage.