7 Tips to Start your Zero Waste Journey for Free

Living a zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s happens overtime by making small changes. Here are a few ways you can start for free.

  1. Skip plastic grocery bags. I’m sure you have a collection of reusable bags somewhere. Keep them in the car or by your door so you can remember to take them with you. If you forget your bags, try to carry your items out without one or use a paper bag instead.
  2. Avoid plastic water bottles. Use a refillable one and refill it throughout the day. If you don’t have a reusable water bottle, you can use a mason jar or an empty food jar.
  3. Repurpose old clothes. Instead of throwing your old clothes away, look for other ways you can repurpose them. You can cut up your old t-shirts to use as cleaning rags. You can even use nicer cloths to wrap gifts.
  4. Learn how to say no. Say no to single-use, disposable items such as plastic straws and cutlery. The simple act of saying no can prevent tons of waste.
  5. Share and trade with family and friends. Before you go out to buy something you might only use once, see if one of your family or friends has one to share. This will save you money and the waste along with it. You can also host a swap party with your friends to trade unwanted clothes, books, décor items, etc.
  6. Learn about your trash. Observe what you’re throwing away. You might find that a lot of your waste is recyclable or compostable. Make sure to do your research to know what is recyclable in your area. If you have a lot of food scraps, look around to see who is composting or can use food scraps as feed (for chickens or pigs).
  7. Make your own cleaning products. A lot of cleaners can be made at home with simple ingredients you may already have such as vinegar and baking soda. They’re just as effective and don’t include any toxic chemicals.

It doesn’t have to cost money to start living sustainably. With these tips, you can start today.